What is Rochester Servant Event?

Mission Statement:

Rochester Servant Event is an intergenerational, missional ministry that seeks to disciple, serve and foster relationships with everyone we meet.  RSE is not the end but a means to spread the love of Jesus in our community and beyond.

2021 group pointing up

Rochester Servant Event is:

A Faith Growth Event:  From first to last this is a time where you will be encouraged to “be still” and open your eyes to how God is working through you and around you.  You will be connected to His Word and in Prayer, surrounded by His people and you will encounter your Lord in a new and exciting way!


A Mission Event: You will be encouraged and strengthened to witness your faith in Christ to those working beside you as well as those you are serving.  This will be done through word and deed.  Indirectly and very directly.


A Servant Event: There will be service projects of all kinds and we will make a difference in Rochester and surrounding communities!  What is important to remember is that we are not serving for the sake of serving or to earn some eternal gratitude.  We are serving because Christ first served us! We are paying it forward!


A Family of Christ Growth Event: You will be a part of a large group and a small team.  Through the time of service you will grow closer to these people.  When the event is over many of these connections will continue and your vision of the Family of Christ will grow!


A Fun Event: Christians are allowed to have fun and we will prove that to be true!


1 thought on “What is Rochester Servant Event?

  1. The Rochester Servant Event will be the most worthwhile few days of your summer! You will meet wonderful youth who will encourage and strengthen you in your faith! You will grow with caring adults who God has placed in just the right place for you to be nurtured and loved. You will have the chance to share and praise God in a safe environment that will challenge you to be brave and witness your faith everyday. You will SERVE OTHERS and SERVE GOD! Join us!

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