What have people said…

I have been a part of RSE for nine years. I started out as soon as I was old enough and am still a little upset that I couldn’t help in their first year because I was too young. It has always been a highlight of my summer and I am sure I will love to be a part of it for as long as I can help in any way.
Some of the greatest experiences I have shared was with families that we were able to visit several years in a row. One example that many veterans of RSE have heard about is the vine house. I was able to help put the finishing touches on that doozy of a project.
The work was fun and fulfilling, but the worship services and the meals have also played a huge part in my RSE experience. Being a part of the music group has been worthwhile and I hope to continue singing for years to come. The testimonies have always been interesting and deep. It is a good balance between physical and philosophical. Another favorite part is making my lunch every day and I am grateful for the many cookies that are donated every year. I am also grateful for our sponsors and It is nice to know that our community is backing us up in our effort.
I hope that after COVID is all through and done, RSE can return to what it once was and I will be able to be a part of it for decades to come. I encourage anyone who is skeptical to join.
You don’t need to be on a work team, but I always encourage it. You can work behind the scenes. Every little bit helps and it definitely is fulfilling to be a part of something bigger than
Joshua Zemke

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