What about COVID-19?

RSE takes the the Covid pandemic seriously.  There are many ways to serve the Lord wisely in the midst of Covid.  We will be utilizing masks, and social distance.  We will be predominantly functioning outside whenever possible.  While the likelihood of passing Covid through food or surfaces is VERY low we will handle food distribution and sanitization of surfaces in the most appropriate way.  Each and every aspect of this event will be looked at with the goal of making this event as close to a normal RSE event while still taking appropriate measures to deal with the Covid pandemic. Our team will be staying up to date with the situation as it evolves.  If the pandemic takes a bad turn we will adjust accordingly.  If numbers  continue to look good or better we will also adjust accordingly.  

We cannot take away all risk.  But we will do all we can to make this event as safe and risk free as any other part of your life.  

How did this event come about?

The Rochester Servant Event started when Sam Carlson (Guthrie) wondered what was to stop us from hosting a servant event here in Rochester. Through the spark of Godly passion we took steps to make this happen. Since then many people have stepped up to ask, “How can I help?”


How can I help?

There are many ways to help. We need plenty of participants both youth and adults to accomplish the projects. There is need for help with meals and project prep. If you would like to help through a monetary donation that works as well. We above all else acknowledge the power of prayer. Please keep us in your prayers!

What is the cost?

We would like this to be available to as many people as possible. We are asking each participant to pay $35.

While many will see this as quite inexpensive, these costs may be too much for others. Scholarships and reduced fees are available.  Do not let the low cost fool you, this IS a HIGH QUALITY event.

Do I have to go the whole time?

We do require that if you sign up that you commit to the whole event. Treat this in-town event as you would if you were headed out of town on a mission trip. Ask for days off or talk to your boss and let them know what you are doing and if they would like to help!

When we ask people to commit to the whole event it means taking time off from other activities, sports and work.  Sickness is always understood as an appropriate reason to be absent.  Especially during the Covid pandemic.  If you are sick please help the event by staying home and giving your body the ability to recuperate! 

Why do we have a dress code?

The dress code for the event is: Standard T-Shirt, Appropriate Shorts or pants, Closed toed shoes. We are not having a beauty contest nor is our main purpose to attract the opposite gender. We are here to serve and place our focus on caring for others. The dress code seeks to remove distractions and temptations and free each person to concentrate on the task at hand.  Remember we are doing serious work!  Smart clothing options are also helpful in protecting the body God gave you!


How are work teams formed?

Work team formation will be done through prayer while keeping in mind the talents and interests of the participant. We ask all participants to make the most of the work team to which they are assigned and see how God is using them to reach their team and how God is using the team to reach them!

What projects will we have?

Projects are coming in. Some of the projects we have lined up so far are painting, general maintenance and cleaning, Bible Camp, park clean up, landscaping.  We work with many caring organizations in Rochester to help then and those they reach.  We have built up some cool relationships over the years!

More are coming in and we are also open to having you suggest projects. If more projects come in than we have workers or time to complete we will have to put projects on the waiting list.

Will I get to do what I want?

We encourage you not to focus on doing what you want but doing what the Lord calls you to do. You will be amazed at the joy and excitement you can experience when you seek to do the best you can where God places you.

Why is there so much worship time?

Worship, is a key part of the mission. We seek to receive God’s blessing and strength through worship and at the same time it is so important we use that time to return thanks to Him and praise Him for the awesome works of His hand!

Will we be fed well?

Food will be hot, delicious and free!  There will be more than enough for everyone!

Covid: Food will be served outside. Breakfast will be at home and Lunch will be brought from home. RSE will have food items for anyone that may have forgotten of missed food for a meal. We will cater in dinner and eat outside.

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